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You’ve had a look at the Modern Enigma Society and it looks like it might be fun. You want to give it a shot, but you’re not sure about paying for a year’s membership? Not a problem. We’d love to have you as a full member, but we also want to give you a chance to make sure it’s right for you.

The Modern Enigma Society offers an option for those of you who want to come to a few games and give the organization a try before committing to a membership.

This option is called a Trial Membership, and it lasts for a period of up to six months. You’ll be granted many of the privileges of a new member, including the ability to attend all Modern Enigma Society functions. Trial Memberships are only limited in a few ways, such as losing certain character creation options, and inability to participate in the MES electoral process. The upside is, a Trial Membership is absolutely free for that six month period; we only ask that if you’re still gaming with us after six months, you pay for a full membership.

Sound good? If you’d like to sign up now, you can go right to the Member Portal. Creating an account as a Trial Member will take you only a few minutes.

Sound TOO good? Wondering about those limitations, or if you’re eligible for a trial membership? Take a look at the FAQ below and see if your answer is already there. If not, drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to help.

Give the MES a try! We look forward to gaming with you.

Trial Membership Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the Trial Membership Offer?

The offer of a Trial Membership is open to anyone who has never had a membership before; you are eligible if you have neither a currently active nor expired Modern Enigma Society or The Camarilla membership number. You are also eligible if you formerly held The Camarilla membership, which expired on or before January 1st, 2004.

What is the length of term for the Trial Membership?

Trial Memberships last exactly six months from the date of activation. If you activate a Trial Membership on January 1, 2012 it will expire July 1, 2012.

Can I convert to a Full Membership?

You certainly can. You may upgrade to a full Modern Enigma Society membership at any point during your 6-month Trial Membership. You may go to the Member Portal, log in, and choose to Upgrade your account. Once your payment is confirmed, your membership will change from Trial to Full, and you will immediately be entitled to full membership benefits, including all Prestige you may have earned as a Trial Member. Your membership’s expiration date will be set to one full year from your date of purchase.

What does the Trial Membership allow me to do?

As a trial member, you’ll get most of the same rights as a new full member. You’ll be able to do all of the following:

  • Participate in the LARP division of the Modern Enigma Society.
  • Create a character using the Modern Enigma Society creation rules and play that character in any local, regional, or national games during the trial period.
  • Create characters with options at the Low Approval level.
  • Gain Experience Points on their characters in accordance with Modern Enigma Society Chronicle rules.
  • Earn Prestige in accordance with Modern Enigma Society guidelines.
  • Access in-character and out-of-character mailing lists offered to members.
  • Access the Members Only Section of the Modern Enigma Society website.

What limitations are there on the Trial Memberships?

A Trial Membership does come with a few limitations. Trial members may not do any of the following:

  • Vote in Modern Enigma Society elections.
  • Hold a Modern Enigma Society office.
  • Take the Modern Enigma Society Exams.
  • Raise their Member Class (Prestige may be earned, but Member Class will remain at 1 until a full membership is purchased.)
  • Apply for Mid, High or Top Approval level character options.

I’m not in the Modern Enigma Society US Affiliate. Can I still get a Trial Membership?

You will need to contact your National Coordinator and ask whether your Affiliate is using this program.