Basic Organization/Larp Terms


MES – Modern Enigma Society

The Modern Enigma Society is the largest and longest running organization among the several authorized Camarilla fan clubs. Established in 1992 as The Camarilla, Modern Enigma Society hosts Live Action Role Playing games set in White Wolf’s settings, both in the World of Darkness with Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, as well as in the Chronicles of Darkness, such as Vampire: The Requiem and Changeling: The Lost. The Modern Enigma Society runs a connected game network spanning the United States, with interactions involving other players in organizations around the world.

IC – In Character

Things that are in character, or in the in-game world.

OOC – Out of Character

Things that are out of character.  Also known as IRL, or in real life.


A domain is the basic geographic or virtual unit of community in the MES.  Generally a domain’s boundaries include a city and the surrounding suburbs.  A domain may host multiple venues set within the boundaries of the domain. Members usually join the closest physical domain, but this is not always the case. Members without a nearby domain may choose to join a virtual domain.


The term used to describe a game, for example: Space the Infinite Edge, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Vampire the Masquerade: Camarilla/Anarch or Sabbat, and Chronicles of Darkness. Venues are broadly defined by the national level officers, but local venue storytellers manage each domain’s specific venues.


The United States is divided into eight geographic regions, and each region facilitates the domains that fall within that region.

Feature Game

A special domain game event selected by the regional storyteller and coordinator, highlighting a story or game setting.  These are not conventions, but may provide Event XP.

Officer Related Terms


DC – Domain Coordinator 

First level of the coordinator chain. The DC facilitates the out of character (OOC) aspects of the domain, such as out-of-game logistics and local management of the club. They are responsible for all membership and out of game issues including finances, conflict resolution, disciplinary action and volunteer awards. Your direct coordinator is the coordinator you will interact with most often for any out-of-game (real life) questions or concerns.

RC – Regional Coordinator 

Second level of the coordinator chain. The RC facilitates the OOC aspects of the region.  They are responsible for making sure all the domain coordinators report on time and for adjudicating any decisions that affect multiple domains within their region.

NCNational Coordinator 

Third level of the coordinator chain. The NC facilitates the OOC aspects of the nation. They are responsible for making sure all the regional coordinators report on time and for adjudicating any decisions that affect multiple regions.

VST – Venue Storyteller 

The VST, also referred to as the low storyteller, oversees the game aspects of a single venue within a domain. The VST is the first ST (storyteller) you will address with questions or issues with your characters. Each venue (Vampire, Werewolf, COD-X, and Space) has their own VST. The VST generates plot on a local level and is responsible for approving any additions to a character sheet and generally supervising the characters. They are responsible for all in-game issues, including characters, storylines, and narration during the games.

DST – Domain Storyteller 

The DST, also referred to as the mid level storyteller, oversees all venues at the domain level and venue storytellers within a domain.  The DST handles game related questions and complaints that the VST cannot resolve.

RST – Regional Storyteller 

The RST, also referred to as the high level storyteller, oversees all venues at the regional level.  The RST handles regional level storylines that affect multiple domains, game related questions and complaints that the DST cannot resolve, and issues that cross over multiple domains.

NST National Storyteller 

The NST, also referred to as the top/global level storyteller, oversees all venues at the national level.  The NST handles national level storylines that affect multiple regions, and is the chief storyteller for the MES.

BODBoard of Directors

 This is the last tier for both the OOC and IC aspects of the game.  The board of directors is a body that is responsible for high level administrative decisions regarding the club, its activities, and its legal responsibilities.

PACT–  Protection, Advocacy, and Cultural Team

 The PACT Team serves as a designated neutral party and provides conflict resolution and problem solving services to members of the organization.

Resources Related Terms


Approvals Database 

 An online database designed to track characters and approvals and to associate your character with a specific venue. The database allows storytellers access to all characters within their jurisdiction.  When you have an item that requires approval, you will use this database to create the application.

CoC – Code of Conduct 

Behavior guidelines each member of the MES is expected to follow.  Please refer to the Membership Handbook page 24 for the full Code of Conduct.


The standards are short, open-book quizzes.  The subjects include game mechanics, club information, and club documents. Members gain prestige for accurately completing the standards.  Some officer positions require specific standards.

Membership Handbook 

Contains rules for membership, the club’s vision and mission statement, and the structure and procedures of the Modern Enigma Society.

Mailing Lists 

The primary method of distributing information within the club.  Mailing lists are available for game related content (sect, clan, and venue specific), geographic out of character information, and officer content.  Many domains use mailing lists as their only source of officer contact. Speak with your domain coordinator to find out how important announcements are sent within your local domain.


Rules changes, additions, or clarifications  to the published books used in our games.

VSS – Venue Style Sheet

The VSS describes the theme, setting, domain specific rules, and what players should expect in a given venue.

CCD – Character Creation Document 

 A venue specific document that guides you through the process of creating a background for your character.  The CCD also gives your storyteller methods to involve you in their story.

Volunteer/Membership Award Terms


Experience Points (XP) 

Experience is earned each game and is used to purchase new traits, skills, powers, and backgrounds.  Your venue storyteller will tell you how much experience you earn per game.

Event Experience (Event XP, EXP) 

Attending events such as feature games, regional events, and national events earns each character additional experience points. This event experience stacks with the normal experience you receive for playing in the game at the events. There is a hard cap of 15 event exp per year (subject to NST ruling).


 A permanent reward system for your service to the club and to the charities we support.

VIPVolunteer Incentive Program 

A spendable reward system for volunteering in club positions, volunteering time, and attending conventions. VIP Points may be spent on items intended to enhance MES experiences, such as Event XP, fuel purchases, background items, and other items to be decided upon in the future.

MC – Member Class 

MC levels are hallmarks on your path as a member of the MES, marked by achievement of certain requisite levels of Prestige.