Membership Memorial : Remembering Those We’ve Lost


The Board of Directors had previously mentioned that we would be undertaking a special project to remember and memorialize our members that have passed. It is now time for us to collect the names and information for this project. A tree will be planted in memory of the member, and the next of kin will receive a large framed card stating the location of the tree and that it was planted by the club.

I am going to cover some quick answers to questions you may have:


How long ago can the member have passed?
Members submitted should have passed no earlier than January 1, 2020, though we might expand that time frame once the initial round of trees have been planted.

Do you really need all of the information the form requests?
Yes, we really do need all of that information.

Will there be prestige or VIP for submitting a member?

No. In this case, we are not looking to award prestige or VIP for these submissions. These should be heartfelt and submitted because you care about those who had an impact on you. We also want this to be open for individuals who have been members at any time, not only those who are members at this time.

Where can we submit a member?
Please use the link below:…/1FAIpQLSfiwB-dc…/viewform…

How will we know if a member has already been submitted?
We will try to keep the form updated with the names of those that have already been submitted but if you aren’t sure, please feel free to submit anyway.