Protection, Advocacy and Cultural Team (PACT)

A PACT (Protection, Advocacy and Cultural Team) Member serves as a designated neutral party and member advocates within a specific organization and provides conflict resolution and problem solving services to members of the organization.

Modern Enigma Society’s PACT Members are:

Teresa Jackson (
Vacant (

You can contact the members separately using the above email addresses or email them both at

A PACT Member:

  • Listens and understands issues while remaining neutral with respect to the facts.
  • Assists in reframing issues, developing and helping individuals evaluate options.
  • Guides or coaches individuals to deal directly with other parties, including the use of formal resolution resources of the organization.
  • Identifies new issues and opportunities for systemic change for the organization
  • Works with the guidance and oversight of the Board of Directors to define and expand the Role of the PACT team.
  • Helps keep the Board aware of changing trends in the organizational community
  • Refers individuals to appropriate parties in any formal investigative or adjudicative procedure
  • Maintain accounts and/or emails to facilitate collection of office­ related communication
  • Create and alter those accounts and lists by request of the Board and designated assistants
  • Include such documentation in periodic reporting
  • When requested, attend such meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Report once a month on progress of current projects in format provided by the Board
  • Maintain confidentiality on all such designated Board matters