Board of Directors

The responsibilities of the board of Directors are to provide vision to the organization’s direction and future, and to address all legal, financial and corporate responsibilities. There are no assigned duties to the seats (Publications, Technology, etc); each seat holds the same responsibility as the other six seats. The Board is the primary supervisor for all of the National officers.

Very little of the job of a Director deals with coordination or storytelling, as that is left to the NC and NST. If you are interested in impacting the operations of the club, you should consider those roles or a regional office.

The Board of Directors is voted in by the general membership, and those seats each come up for vote every three years. The Board consists of seven elected members and two non-voting members appointed by the Board, representing financial and legal roles.



Board Members and Staff

  • Nikki Fox, Director and Chair
  • Chad Hunter, Director
  • Howie Herrin, Director
  • Rob Recckia, Director
  • Vance Walsh, Director

Nikki Fox, Chair, 

MES Director

Nikki Fox first joined the MES in 1998 when she was recruited from a troupe game in Fayetteville, NC. During her extensive time in the organization, she has primarily served in various Storytelling positions ranging from local to global positions. As a member of the BoD, it is her hope to utilize this experience to bring about positive change to grow our organization and lower the barriers to entry for member voices to be heard within it.

Professionally, Nikki has degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Developmental Abilities. She is excited to use these skills to the benefit of the MES. Nikki resides in Clayton, NC with her husband and two spoiled furbabies as a member of the Raleigh, NC domain.

Chad Hunter, MES Director

Chad joined the MES (aka The Club, aka The Camarilla) in 2002, but has been a player and storyteller in the table top and LARP community since 1998, with a heavy focus on White Wolf and WotC products.  Chad has volunteered at every level of the club, on both sides of the club’s infrastructure, the last five years mostly on the coordinator side.  Chad really enjoys LARPing in the Vampire, Werewolf, and Changeling genres. 

Professionally, Chad is an IT Support Professional working for a national financial services firm.  Chad’s job will take him on random trips, all over the US at times, and he enjoys travel and road trips. Chad hold’s a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, which he minored in International Studies, and spent much of his final two years specializing in middle eastern relations, anti-terrorism studies, and counter insurgency research. He has presented at conferences multiple times in the United States, the most prestigious being hosted by the Council on US-Arab relations and attended by members of the US State Department along with foreign dignitaries from the KSA, Qatar, and Oman.


Howie Herrin, MES Director

I was first introduced to Vampire LARP and MES on August 18, 1999. My first position was in October as an assistant Chapter (yes, Chapter) Coordinator. There have been a couple of years between then and now that I have not been an officer in some capacity in the Club. I have now served at every level of the Club and look forward to getting the Board’s image to be as transparent as possible. I look forward to helping anybody in the club that asks for my help.
Outside of MES, I have worked as a Composition teacher, tech writer, systems’ tester, quality control, help desk, classroom trainer, and a smattering of other things.
If you want to say howdy, please send me an email at

Rob Recckia, MES Director

With a history of playing in Vampire Larps dating back to ’95, and V:tM since its first edition, soft-covered release, Robert only joined the MES in 2013 when a friend indicated a new larp was starting in New Jersey.  Over the 7 years since then, he’s founded the NJ-007 Domain, served as it’s DC, EC RC, VST and for the last year, Legal Director for the Board. Outside the MES, Robert is a telecommunications technician, union steward, NY-admitted pro bono attorney, Disneyphile and amateur tiki bartender. In his ‘copious free time’, Robert’s been known to hop in his car and make short 400+ mile road trips from his home in NYC to visit Pittsburgh PA, Richmond VA, Cleveland OH and every Domain in between.