Board of Directors

The responsibilities of the board of Directors are to provide vision to the organization’s direction and future, and to address all legal, financial and corporate responsibilities. There are no assigned duties to the seats (Publications, Technology, etc); each seat holds the same responsibility as the other six seats. The Board is the primary supervisor for all of the National officers.

Very little of the job of a Director deals with coordination or storytelling, as that is left to the NC and NST. If you are interested in impacting the operations of the club, you should consider those roles or a regional office.

The Board of Directors is voted in by the general membership, and those seats each come up for vote every three years. The Board consists of seven elected members and two non-voting members appointed by the Board, representing financial and legal roles.


Board Members and Staff

  • Nikki Fox, Director and Chair
  • Abby Estes, Director and Vice-Chair
  • Victoria Boyd, Director
  • Nycci Daniels, Director
  • Rob Recckia, Director
  • Jen Kuiper, Director
  • Chris Herr, Financial Advisor to the Board

Nikki Fox, Chair, 

MES Director

Nikki Fox first joined the MES in 1998 when she was recruited from a troupe game in Fayetteville, NC. During her extensive time in the organization, she has primarily served in various Storytelling positions ranging from local to global positions. As a member of the BoD, it is her hope to utilize this experience to bring about positive change to grow our organization and lower the barriers to entry for member voices to be heard within it.

Professionally, Nikki has degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Developmental Abilities. She is excited to use these skills to the benefit of the MES. Nikki resides in Clayton, NC with her husband and two spoiled furbabies as a member of the Raleigh, NC domain.

Abby Estes, Vice Chair, 

MES Director

Abby’s masquerade-safe cover is as an Administrative Assistant at the City College of New York. She has bachelor’s degrees in English and Studio Art, and a knack for organizing people around a task. Her first roleplaying experience was a high school game of Changeling the Dreaming run by a friend, and she’s enjoyed a wide variety of games, mechanics and playstyles, but she didn’t learn about the MES until 2008 when she played in the recruitment Changeling the Lost game run at Origins. She’s been hooked ever since, serving the club as DC, RC, aVST, VST, Con ST and generally-helpfull-person which eventually led to her joining the Board in 2018.

Victoria Boyd, MES Director

Victoria Boyd, a dancer, undercover techie, singer, writer, and high fantasy make up lover, joined the organization in 2015. She’s worked on the ST side as AVST, VST, SoCon ST Lead, ARST SW Admin, ARST SW Elections all the way to AANST WorldBuilding, and the OOC side as a proud African American/Native American Director.

Professionally, she works as a Program Manager in one of the world’s largest tech companies, sharing her passion for not only for diversity & inclusion or education, but also Artificial Intelligence. After coming from the boffer larp community where larping is a full contact sport, she joined the Board with a passion and zeel to show that creating the change you want to see is also a full contact sport, with all hands in, and making a space for everyone to come to the table to sit and learn from each other. 

Nycci Daniels, MES Director

To say that Nycci has earned her stripes in volunteering for Modern Enigma Society is an understatement. From various levels of being a storyteller to ST Lead for numerous conventions, Nycci Daniels is intelligent, warm, creative, and provides captivating writing at every turn. 

With a panache for pedigree for marketing and content writing, her hobbies of creative writing is absolutely amazing.


Michael Munene, Secretary to the Board

Michael Munene (pronounced Mo-neh-neh) stumbled into MES back in 2007, while on his way to play a DnD session, and got voluntold to be an NPC at a local convention game. This began his adventures in LARP, and he quickly got involved with the domain games in the Bryan/College Station, TX. After a few months of attending the different games, he was invited by a friend to attend his first National Convention. Once that was done, the hook was really set, and he applied for every position he could, eventually serving in a number of positions from Regional and upwards. The rest, as they say, is history…
Outside of the organization, Michael keeps himself just as busy. With a career that spans across several industries, he’s used his education in Accounting to help to launch several startups, and now works as Controller and Project Manager while serving in his local community. These days within the Modern Enigma Society, he continues to serve in several positions, while enjoying crafting stories with seasoned and new players. Hailing from Texas, Michael enjoys football with the rest of them, spending time with friends playing board games, and going on adventures with his wife. When not coming up with the next great recipe in the kitchen, Michael serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Rob Recckia, MES Director

With a history of playing in Vampire Larps dating back to ’95, and V:tM since its first edition, soft-covered release, Robert only joined the MES in 2013 when a friend indicated a new larp was starting in New Jersey.  Over the 7 years since then, he’s founded the NJ-007 Domain, served as it’s DC, EC RC, VST and for the last year, Legal Director for the Board. Outside the MES, Robert is a telecommunications technician, union steward, NY-admitted pro bono attorney, Disneyphile and amateur tiki bartender. In his ‘copious free time’, Robert’s been known to hop in his car and make short 400+ mile road trips from his home in NYC to visit Pittsburgh PA, Richmond VA, Cleveland OH and every Domain in between.

Jennifer Kuiper, MES Director

From the infancy of the organization, Jen K has stood as a monolith of the community.  She has served the organization since the dawn of time (or it’s infancy) in almost every level of the organization including the National Coordinator.  Jen was awarded the status of Trustee not just for her time spent in the organization, but also for her countless years of service in helping the organization grow and thrive.  While Jen may consider herself a dinosaur, you won’t find extinction in her dedication to the club and to her role in the Board of Directors.  When she isn’t perfecting the art of processes and detail, you can probably find Jen enjoying her adorable pets or trouncing some poor unsuspecting individual in board games. 

Chris Herr, Finance

Christian joined The Camarilla in 1994 as a member of the Williamsburg, Virginia chapter. He relocated to Washington DC in 1995 and started the first chapter there with an introductory meeting on the grounds of the National Cathedral. He has served as a coordinator ranging from the chapter level all the way to assisting at the national level; He has also worked in a wide range of storyteller positions including time on the national ST staff. After being the lead for several conventions, including running the first Tri-Regional event and also managing successful charity drives, Christian was selected as the National Finance Administrator – a role he has held starting in 2005. During the reorganization in 2010 he became the Board’s Director of Finance.

 Christian  works as a contractor in the Washington DC metropolitan area as a Senior Network Engineer and Project Manager serving the Federal Government. He spends the warmer months traveling with his family and training for 75 mile charity bicycle rides with his wife. For the past 11 years Christian has been balancing his LARP time with his role as a father of two energetic boys (with LARP usually losing the battle).