What is the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)?


The Modern Enigma Society Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) rewards member actions that support the greater MES. Members are awarded VIP Points for volunteering in club positions, volunteering time, and attending special events. VIP Points may be spent on items intended to enhance MES experiences, such as Event XP, fuel purchases, background items, and other items to be decided upon in the future.


The VIP System


  • Dual-recognition System: VIP is intended to supplement the current Prestige and Membership Class (MC) system. Where VIP is a spendable system, MC represents a Member’s commitment to the organization over time.
  • Interoperability with Event XP: Event XP and VIP Points are designed to be exchanged on a 1:1 basis. As such, Event XP awards will be tailored to support the VIP.
  • Applicability: May only be used for Venues launched after February 1, 2017.
  • FAQ: An FAQ regarding the VIP System can be found here.


Roles & Responsibilities



      • Members must individually track and maintain a log of VIP Points (recommend maintaining an additional tab on the prestige log or alongside current prestige totals)
      • Report earnings and expenditures to their direct Coordinator on a monthly basis

Primary Officers (ST and C Sides, including Convention Leads)

      • Award VIP Points
      • Apply the Conflict of Interest policy in the same manner as with Prestige

Direct Coordinators:

      • Track individual member VIP Point totals and expenditures in monthly reports
      • Validates with the appropriate national staff that the Member has requisite Points to make an expenditure

National Offices:

    • Create and maintain Venue Charts for VIP Point expenditures
    • Approve Member VIP Point expenditures
    • Email direct Coordinators with amounts of Points spent by each PC and the item it was spent for as listed on the VIP Chart

Tracking VIP Points


  • Tracking: VIP Points earned must be recorded with the individual Member’s direct Coordinator.
  • Players: Expenditures must be tracked on individual member’s VIP Point log.
  • Coordinators: Direct Coordinators will report awards and Member totals in their monthly reports in the same manner as Prestige.

Earning VIP Points

Members earn VIP Points in the following ways:

Initial Disbursement:

      • Members rejoining on or after January 1, 2018 who did not receive a per-MC distribution in 2017 receive an allocation of 5 VIP Points per MC outside of monthly and yearly caps.
      • Further disbursements may be made at the direction of the Board of Directors.

Membership Class Award:

    • Upon confirmation of an increase in MC by the appropriate awarding Coordinator, a Member gains 10 VIP Points outside of monthly and yearly caps.
    • This includes a Member earning MC1 by joining but does not include MC loans.
        • A member who loses MC loses 10 VIP Points for each lost MC. This may cause their total to become negative, but it will not result in any other effect.

Convention Support:

    • Convention Personnel (Leads and Seconds): 
      • 1 per month from time of hire, leading to the convention
    • Volunteering at a Convention (NPCing, Security, Hospitality, etc.): 
      • 2 per four hour block
      • Caps at 10 VIP Points per Event
      • Awarded outside of the monthly cap
    • Members who complete early registration, as designated by the NCA, earn 1 VIP outside of the monthly cap

Non-Convention Positions: 

    • Holding a Primary position, per month:
      • National: 5 
      • Regional: 4
      • Local/Domain: 3
    • Holding an Assistant or Project Lead position: 1 less than the associated Primary position
    • A member may only earn VIP Points for two different positions at a time.

Non-Convention Volunteering:

      • 1 per four hours volunteered with MES (or another member club) outside of conventions and positions or with an official charity drive, up to a maximum of 5 Points per month.
      • Qualifying volunteer activities are those that also merit Prestige awards; however, not all activities that merit Prestige awards will merit VIP Point awards, only volunteering time.
      • Volunteer time is cumulative within the same month. For example, if you work 3 hours on two different days of the same month, that’s 6 hours, so you earn 1 Point.
      • All awards are rounded down to the nearest whole Point.

Attending Events:

    • Attending an MES-sponsored game at a Trade Show: 2
    • Attending a Convention: 2; 3 for a National Event (i.e., MESCON or CAiNE)

Converting Event XP:

    • Event XP is earned for attending Events, such as Featured Games of the Month & Conventions.
    • Once a player character (PC) has reached the maximum allowable Event XP for a year, the player can convert excess Event XP earned on the PC into VIP Points on a 1:1 basis.
    • VIP converted in this fashion is subject to yearly VIP Point caps, but is not subject to monthly caps. 

Monthly and Yearly Caps:

    • Players may earn up to 10 VIP Points per month and 120 per year 


Note: For awards prior to the effective date of this document, see the final section below.

Spending VIP Points


Tracking: VIP Points are spent only after items are approved by the appropriate Officer. VIP Points spent must be recorded with the individual Member’s direct Coordinator.

Event XP: VIP Points may be exchanged for Event XP on a single PC on a 1:1 basis so long as the PC does not go over their yearly Event XP cap. This can be repeated for other PCs; for example, adding 15 Event XP to one character and 10 to another costs 15 + 10 = 25 Points.

Purchases: VIP Points may be used to purchase item from Venue lists. Members may seek Approval for items on the Venue list. VIP Points are spent once a selected item is Approved but before the item placed on a PC’s sheet. Approvals are coordinated with the National Venue Staff.

Limitations: Items purchased with VIP Points are only available for one PC. Players may spend additional VIP Points to purchase the same item for another PC.

Refund Policy: Members who lose a Character with spent VIP Points within the first three months of play may, with approval of the NST, be refunded up to half of the spent VIP Points.


Venue Spendable Charts

Disclaimer: The cost of items are set by the National office of origin and are subject to change.

Prior Awards

Players and Coordinators reviewing logs might require the following information:

First System (31 Jan. 2017 – 31 Dec. 2017):

      • 10 VIP Points per MC was awarded to all then-Members on January 31, 2017.
      • Other Members rejoining later in 2017 also received 10 VIP Points per MC.
      • The above two awards were made outside of the yearly cap.
      • Other than the above, February was the first month of awards.
      • Holding any Primary position was worth 2 VIP Points per month.
      • Holding any Assistant position was worth 1 VIP Point per month.
      • Only one Primary/Assistant position could be claimed for at a time.
      • Volunteering time was worth no VIP Points.
      • There was no monthly cap on VIP Points.
      • Other awards were the same as the second (current) system.

Second System (1 January 2018 – present (last updated 23 July 2018)):

    • This system is given in the main document.
    • This system was announced after its start date. Therefore, awards may be backdated.
    • Added early convention registration.