What is the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)?


The Modern Enigma Society Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) rewards member actions that support the greater MES. Members are awarded VIP Points for volunteering in club positions, volunteering time, and attending special events. VIP Points may be spent on items intended to enhance MES experiences, such as Event XP, fuel purchases, background items, and other items to be decided upon in the future.


The VIP System


  • Dual-recognition System: VIP is intended to supplement the current Prestige and Membership Class (MC) system. Where VIP is a spendable system, MC represents a Member’s commitment to the organization over time.
  • Interoperability with Event XP: Event XP and VIP Points are designed to be exchanged on a 1:1 basis. As such, Event XP awards will be tailored to support the VIP.
  • Applicability: May only be used for Venues launched after February 1, 2017.
  • FAQ: An FAQ regarding the VIP System can be found here.
  • Guide:  The official VIP policy can be found here.