National Officers


The National Officers are pretty much what they sound like: club officers who operate on the national level. Click on the links below to learn more about the various national offices.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are a body that is responsible for high level administrative decisions regarding the club, it’s activities, and it’s legal responsibilities such as respecting copyright laws and so on

National Storyteller (NST)

The National Storyteller is the chief officer in charge of non-player-generated plot in the various venues operated by the club. Each venue has its own Assistant National Storyteller, so the aNST Vampire: The Requiem is probably going to be a different person than the aNST Mage: The Ascension . In addition to controlling national plots, the NST is in charge of making sure his or her subordinate Storytellers are on the same page, as well as coordinating plots that cross regional lines.

NST: Justin Sisson

National Coordinator

The National Coordinator, like the National Storyteller, is the top of the food chain for coordinators. He or she is responsible for making sure all his or her subordinate Coordinators get their tasks done on time, and also for adjudicating any decisions that need to be made at the national level.

NC: Elizabeth Hicks

National Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Protection, Advocacy and Cultural Team (PACT)

The PACT Team serves as a designated neutral party within a specific organization and provides conflict resolution and problem solving services to members of the organization and has grown into the National Diversity & Inclusion Office to better service the growing needs of our diverse membership.

National Diversity & Inclusion Advocate: Teresa Fiveash

National Marketing Manager (NMM)

The NMM will develop and maintain marketing strategies to meet agreed objectives. Collect and review market research, included competitor data and adjusting strategies as needed. The NMM will oversee all advertising and promotional opportunities.

NMM: Vacant

MES Archivist

The Archivist is responsible for maintaining as complete as feasible record of the organization’s activity for future needs.

Archivist: Brian Gates

Trade Show Manager

The Trade Show Manager (TSM) helps organize MES’ presence at trade and industry shows, with an eye specifically toward recruitment. These include a variety of conventions, which have included: Gen Con, Origins, Pax, Dragon*Con, various ComicCons, et al.

TSM: Vacant

If you would like to be a club officer, you can find out about the different offices here. Be aware that national officer positions are positions of significant trust and responsibility, and that to become one you must prove your ability to live up to those responsibilities at a lower level first.