Plotkit Template


Start Date: TBD
End Date: TBD
Release: TBD
Range: Global/National/Regional/Domain/Local
Primary Point of Contact: Your Name (
Secondary Point of Contact: Someone Else (

Quotation ~ Author


  1. Read the entire plotkit thoroughly.
  2. If you would like to create an item or NPC for this plot kit, please email the point of contact.
  3. After the plot kit has been run, please email a short report to the point of contact.
  4. If you come across questions, comments, or problems related to this plot kit, alert the point of contact as soon as possible.

Overall Concept / Summary

General information on the plot kit. Purpose of the plot kit.

Cast of NPCs

NPC Name 1 – Identifying characteristic. Short description of NPC.
NPC Name 2 – Identifying characteristic. Short description of NPC.

Setting and Mood

Information on what’s happened so far. What the general feel for the plot kit should be.

Phase 1: Phase Title

Start Date: TBD
End Date: TBD
Release: TBD
Range: Global/National/Regional/Domain/Local
Quotation ~ Author

Overall Concept and Summary

Information relating to this phase such as what the plans are, etc.

Suggested Application or Introduction to Gameplay

Information on how the storyteller is supposed to apply this to his game.

Oracular Support

Visions and themes that oracles are supposed to get.

Effects on Mortal Influences

Local/Domain/etc Influence Type – Short description of what characters with influences in that category might find.

Effects on NPCs and/or Current Plots

Short description on those items that NPCs in the area or currently running plots may need to be aware of or may be affected by.

Effects on Cross Venue

Description of events and issues that other venues may encounter with this plot. In general, this should be kept at a minimum, but large and noticeable events may be noticed by other venues.

  • If a Forsaken plot does something to the Spirit Courts, Mages may encounter the same issues.
  • Something that affects a large number of mortals is likely to be noticed by the other venues.
  • Something that affects ley lines in Mage may affect Vampires in Requiem.

Expected Results

Things that are expected to happen, if things go as planned.

Scenario Limitations

Things that are NOT supposed to happen or storytellers are supposed to actively prevent.

Possible Complications

Things that could happen that would be a detriment to the plot.

Mechanical Notes

Quick reference for mechanics mentioned in the plot kit, as well as information on any custom mechanics.