Trade Show Manager

As part of the vision for the club’s approach to trade shows, the Board has created a new Trade Show Manager (TSM) position, separate from NCA position.

These trade shows (Gen Con, Pax, Origins, Dragon*Con, et al) are intended to both be recruitment events and promote good relations. With the fact that the skill set and challenges for this position do not overlap greatly with our own regionals and national conventions,
we are now hiring a Trade Show Manager.

The Trade Show Manager (TSM) manages, sets standards and work on coordination at official club presence at trade shows. The primary duties of the TSM include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Facilitating communication between trade show contacts and the Board.
  • Work in cooperation with the NCA
  • Reporting monthly on the status of trade show events and other assigned tasks to the US Board of Directors.
  • Tallying, awarding and reporting prestige awards related to trade show events in a timely manner.
  • Working with the US Board of Directors to track finances associated with trade show events.
  • Reviewing and presenting the budget of trade show events to the US Board of Directors for approval.
  • Setting standards for bidding, staffing, planning and execution of trade show events, making these standards available upon request.
  • Documenting and archiving events for future reference.
  • Responding to member inquiries regarding trade shows in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining and managing the web and wiki presence with information and links to past, present and future events.
  • Working with the US Board of Directors to perform legal review of contracts and agreements.

Ideal candidates are very enthusiastic about managing the club’s presence and presentation at trade shows, with a desire to help shape the future of the club’s trade show processes and methods. A willingness to foster an inclusionary experience for current and newly recruited members is a must. An eye for recruitment is a key focus for events we attend, the TSM being a principal force behind these efforts.


Trade Show Bidding

*To submit a bid, please fill out the forms as linked below to the best of your ability.* All show bids must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event. I realize that there are a few events such as SwampCon that are taking place in January and February. If you submit your bid package by the end of December consideration will still be granted given the time window we are presenting you with.

Note: by submitting a bid package you are agreeing to take on the responsibilities of the event lead.

Please submit all bid packets as well as any questions or concerns to Kristi Davis –