Become an Officer


Looking to become an officer in your chapter or region?

The Modern Enigma Society is a United States-based organization with vast amount of members. We rely on volunteer officers to deliver services to our members, including managing the global chronicle that is the heart and soul of the fan club. We’re always looking for enthusiastic and talented members who want to get involved.

If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place!

(Please note: This page is a summary of the various officer positions within the Modern Enigma Society and how those officers are selected. Full details are available in the Membership Handbook. Other clubs in other nations may have somewhat different procedures.)



Each chapter in the Modern Enigma Society is administered by a chapter coordinator (CC). The chapter coordinator–or domain coordinator (DC), if you aren’t in a chapter–is the face most people associate with the administrative branch. In general, the coordinator handles the chapter’s finances, conflict resolution, non-story-related questions from members, and securing event sites.

There are are also coordinator positions at the regional and national levels.

If that strikes your fancy, check out the the Membership Handbook for more in-depth information on the duties and benefits of such a position.



Storytellers use their creative talents to build a common world setting, structure, and narrative. Because our chronicle is large and complex, storytellers must regularly communicate, collaborate, and compromise with each other. Each venue in a chapter (“Vampire: The Masquerade”, “Changeling: The Dreaming”, etc.) has a storyteller, as does each chapter, domain, and region.  As you might expect, there’s also a head honcho national and global-level storyteller to weave everything together.

Within their jurisdictions, storytellers design and carry out plotlines, run games and downtime scenes, interpret rules, and award experience.  They always have to keep in mind the continuity in the chronicle, keeping the venue viable, and the mood and paradigm of the venue.

The Membership Handbook has more details about the specifics of storytellers’ duties.



To help carry out their plethora of responsibilities, officers often appoint assistants for certain tasks. Becoming an assistant in either the coordinator or storytelling chain is an excellent way to learn how the Modern Enigma Soceity operates while helping out. When primary officers such as chapter coordinator or venue storytellers are elected, they’ll send out an all-call on the mailing list for their jurisdiction (chapter, domain, region, and so on) asking for assistants. That’s where you jump in.

Any paid Modern Enigma Society member in good standing can apply for an officer position at any level of the organization, although it’s typical to begin at the chapter or domain level. The Membership Handbook contains a complete explanation of the qualifications required for each level of office.

In short, once there’s a vacant officer position, the process for filling the spot works like so:

  • The officer administering the election announces a call for applications to the relevant mailing lists.
  • Once the application acceptance period is over, the candidates are presented to the eligible voters for a question and answer period.
  • Then the voting begins.  They can be done on paper or electronically, depending on the scope of the election.
  • Once the votes are tallied, the administering officer announces the winner and the winner’s tenure begins.

The Membership Handbook contains more nitty-gritty details on the process.