Dear Members of the Modern Enigma Society,

I trust this message finds you well. Following the conclusion of the NST Confirmation Vote, I am pleased to provide a status update on our current chronicles and share some exciting announcements.

1. Changeling the Dreaming: Breaking Winter and Werewolf the Apocalypse: On Frayed Threads

I am delighted to inform you that there are no changes to these two chronicles. Both venues will continue into 2025, with a further update in January 2025 regarding potential conclusions.

For teaser details regarding the upcoming season for these venues, please refer to the provided links below:

Changeling: Changeling the Dreaming – 2024 Season Kick Off

Apocalypse: On Frayed Threads 2024

2. Vampire The 13th Hour Venue

After careful consideration of player interest, planned plot progression, and overall venue health, I announce that this year will mark the final chapter of the 13th Hour chronicle. The venue will conclude at MESCon 2024, with play extending beyond the convention to conclude plot arcs by December 31st.

To enhance your gaming experience in this final year, monthly XP awards will increase to 16 XP, effective in January. This adjustment, combined with the delayed announcement, grants all PCs an additional 12 XP today, with further awards on the 1st of each month. Milestones will be reintroduced, and more details and an overview will follow in a forthcoming email.

3. Vampire – Laws of the Night V5

We are pleased to announce the inception of an ambitious project—a new chronicle set within the Laws of the Night V5 universe. Our dedicated Project Team has been entrusted with the pivotal task of bringing this V5 historical game to fruition at MESCon 2024, with a subsequent transition to live play scheduled for January 2025. The development of the Setting, NSS, and character generation tools is underway, with a targeted completion date set for April 2024. Individuals with a passion for immersive storytelling and a desire to contribute to this endeavor are encouraged to contact the NST office.

4. Hunter the Vigil

Hunter the Vigil’s Darkest Dawn chronicle is ramping up development. We are continuing to prep venue documents, with the chronological timeline up to the present almost complete. We are also investigating how to bridge materials from different books to create the best possible gameplay for our players. To help with interest and promote the venue, we have both a Facebook group and a Discord channel. When joining the Discord channel, pay special attention to the instructions to receive proper membership verification, as it is done by the bot. We will have much more information on this venue very soon, including some important calls for team membership.

Facebook group:

Discord Server:

5. Volunteer Appreciation and Email Migration/Title Change

In February, we will celebrate your dedication and service to the club with a special raffle as a token of our appreciation. Additionally, the NST staff will undergo email migration; during this period (up to two weeks), we may experience limited access. We will also introduce a rebranded NST staff nomenclature to better reflect roles and provide valuable job descriptions for resume building.

An all-call for all positions is open in the nst office, and we welcome new ideas from both new and seasoned members.

Thank you for your commitment to the Modern Enigma Society, and here’s to a year filled with exciting developments and opportunities!

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to volunteer, please respond via email to me.

Best regards and game on,
Justin Sisson

For ease of Communication if you have feedback for the NST office or questions we have a form now. This form will stay on and we will build an F.A.Q. from it. I appreciate the time and attention that you all have, but let’s keep in mind that the Feedback given needs to be actionable and constructive. Bonus points if you include how you think you would fix your constructive feedback. For longer commentary once again email is the first best way to ensure a response.